World Earth Day 2021 For Web Developers

Posted By  Adam Tilston22/04/21

22nd April, 2021 marks World Earth Day. The focus, Restore Our Earth. And this year, as a small team of web developers, we’re more invested than ever before.

You see, those that know us also know we take coding very seriously. We’ve always had an ethos: to be web developers who build incredibly fast sites, coding from scratch where necessary. Why? Because it’s good for both you and the environment.

This year, we’re going a step further! We have the Code and Create Grove. A mission to become Carbon Positive by 2022 and an objective to have our desk plants EVERYWHERE (the last one is a pipedream).

Watch it GROW

Web Developers Who 💕 Clean Code

And we don’t say enough about why clean code is good for you, good for us and good for the environment. 2021 will see a change in our “quietly going about making beautiful digital creations” mantra. 

We’re going to carry on doing this but also say more. 

Because the internet uses a lot of data and energy, and energy doesn’t grow on trees (pun intended).In fact, in 2020, “the internet produced 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon.”

Mind-boggling really, with little to no awareness about it. 

That’s why Our Ethos, which up until recently was three paragraphs on About Us, has grown (like a tree) into a dedicated section – here  

From little acorns…

Ethos = Become Carbon Killers By 2022

Digital “things” are great. But, there’s a but. 

Because you can’t physically see their energy output, they get ignored for other stuff, like plastic* (bad) and air travel emissions (terrible). But (there it is), did you know that the latter STILL doesn’t produce as much carbon as the internet of things?


As a local web development agency with limited resources, how can we make a dent in this global problem? Can the little folk like us take on the mighty industrial giants?

If we make a promise and commit to an output, we feel that we definitely can. 

In 2021, we’ll plant two trees in our very own grove for every new project that we work on, helping us become carbon positive by 2022. 

And we’re already getting there with your help. 

*Just on the plastic stuff, we’re officially the third Plastic Free Champion in Warrington (definitely the first web agency). If you’re keen to get involved, drop Paul a note on

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