We 💕 Clean Code

We believe efficiency is a priority in today's world. Whether we're building an e-Commerce website or developing a bespoke web app, everything leaves a digital footprint.

Web Development Needn’t Cost The Earth

Performance as a Priority

The better your website performs, the better it ranks on search and the better experience your users will receive — both pluses. If you bulk out your site with needless plugins, BIG images and files that are uncompressed, it’ll hinder performance.

Because we care about performance, we don't do bloat. Or themes that gobble megabytes. Or host your site on useless servers. We embrace LAZYLOADING. We love htaccess caching. And if you don't know what we're talking about, we've even produced a Fitness Guide to help.
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Date Retrieved: 9/10/2021

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Producing an estimated 0.20 grams of CO2 per page visit.


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Carbon Positive Development

Digital "things" are great. Because you can't physically see their energy output, the carbon they produce gets ignored for other stuff, like plastic (bad) and air travel emissions (terrible). That doesn't sit well with us.

We promise to build lightweight digital products that produce as little carbon as possible. We host them on green servers. And we up-to-date them regularly to keep them agile. We also test them on our Speed Checker. Why not test your website?:
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No Plastic In Our Grove

Back in September 2020, we were delighted to become the third Plastic Free Champion in Warrington by making simple changes to our everyday habits. If you’re keen to get involved, which is 100% recommended, drop Paul a note on paul.connor@plasticfreewarrington.org.

We also have a Grove. We plant two trees in it for every new project that we work on. Two trees can help to offset the amount of carbon we produce. And we’re working towards complete carbon offsetting in 2022. Who knows, we might plant a couple for you one day?
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