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  • Branch Tech Recruitment

    When you’re starting a new recruitment company, you need to get out of the blocks quickly. Matthew Lewis, director of Branch, needed a brand, website and tone that matched his ambitions and ethics, all from scratch. As someone who works to tight deadlines, quality and speed also needed to go hand in hand.

  • Splash Art Online

    A small, local, super creative, business. Splash Art Online create bespoke art for individuals and organisations alike. The perfect addition to any space. We've known Ben for a number of years and seen him grow from employee to entrepreneur. Creating unique pieces that now take pride of place in locations across the world.

  • Stay Off The Tracks

    A long standing client of ours, PDF Sports and the Tackling Track Safety Project, commissioned Code and Create to work on the Stay Off The Tracks campaign in conjunction with Network Rail.

  • Warrington Wolves Foundation

    Warrington Wolves Foundation are a fantastic cause in the local area and do so much for the town of Warrington and the surrounding area.

  • Sisters and Seekers

    Sisters approached us at the start of their business after we were recommended to them from a friend. The sisters, self confessed non-tech people, knew social media and Instagram but nothing of the great big world-wide-web.

  • Walton Gardens

    One of Warrington's most popular local attractions. Walton Hall & Gardens stands as a venue to the community offering a range of day activities or evening experiences. From a children's playground and zoo, to mini golf and Wedding events, its easy to see why they wanted to show off their offerings with a brand new website.

  • Warrington Wolves

    Essentially the flagship brand of Warrington, we are ridiculously proud to work with our premier Hometown sports club, Warrington Wolves.

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