Warrington IS good enough.

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director17/09/19

Code and Create is the brainchild ( some say lovechild) of two childhood friends. Coady and Carl knew each other from high school, pursuing very different careers, definitely not Website Design or Development. One thing they did have in common… we’re both from Warrington.

We’re of an age where Warrington maybe wasn’t as successful as we are now, our Rugby League team certainly wasn’t! Unfortunately that stigma seems to still linger, we hear it a lot. People seem to think that Warrington can’t deliver quality and when looking to deliver a big project only a firm from a city such as Liverpool or Manchester can deliver it, this simply isn’t the case!

We’re not trying to come across as masonic and definitely not entitled but as an area, Warrington is growing, we’re becoming quite the tech hub with some big names in Web emerging from Warrington or setting up base in Warrington.

We’re privileged to have clients believe in us and our ethic who are not only from Warrington but as far away as France and Germany with national and international companies buying into us as a team. Although it’s brilliant to deal with local, successful, companies its equally important to us to showcase the capabilities of Code and Create along with Warrington on a bigger scale.

Warrington even have their own digital co-working space, Opus Diem. There are other firms growing in the similar areas, some with their own niche, such as working in very specific technologies like Dreamscape with Kentico, and other firms working in specific sectors.

One of the bigger names in Web in the North West, Carpe Diem, are in Warrington and even have their own digital co-working space (Opus Diem).

As a whole, Warrington has a lot to offer when it comes to web design, and digital in general. We’re passionate about the area and keen to help put the town on the map. All of our employees are local, although it’s not a criteria it definitely helps when it comes to mindset.

Find out more about what we’re doing in Warrington or even come and meet us for a brew and tell us about your latest exciting project? Drop us an email or check out our contact page