The importance of using your brain

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director31/05/19

or The importance of not being Idle.

People work in different ways, they’re naturally good at different things and enjoy activities that others may dislike.

I have always been poor at English, not so much speaking but written English, sentence structure, some word variations ( were/where is a daily struggle).

For a long time I accepted it, I was told in school I was poor at English, struggled with some exams at University for the same reason ( despite getting good grades in school and Uni) and in all just accepted it was a weakness.

I began to read for fun, fun might be the wrong word, but you catch my drift.  Although reading literally puts me to sleep I do enjoy it, I try to get eyes away from the screen where(I don’t know if this is the correct use of where) possible and read a book.

I’ve noticed that my vocabulary has improved, and my understanding of some of our very intelligent team is increasing. 

I’m not saying go out and read and you’ll be good at English, I am sure most people reading this are good at English – but you’ll lack somewhere, I guarantee.

We’ve set informal homework for the younger members of the Code and Create team to ‘use the internet’ as crazy as that sounds, they are too used to using an app for their shopping or the facebook app for example and not using a traditional website.  Al didn’t event know existed!

We’re hoping that as they become more exposed to the World Wide Web they will be inspired by styles, layouts, colours, wording etc. Hopefully this wider exposure will allow their creativity to increase and the next project they work on they can draw upon their inspiration.

I’d like to see this trend continue within Code and Create – visits to galleries etc to allow inspiration to be drawn from offline media and even day to day life, I’m sure it is already but making a more conscious effort wouldn’t do us any harm.

The headline of this post may have been bit misleading, but it’s a favourite saying – use your brain, not mine.