The Evolution of a Business

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director02/07/18

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming to be an expert, I am definitely not an expert!

Our business is evolving, and we don’t know why!

Being a business owner is crazy, actually crazy.  In the past few weeks, both directors have been on holiday and I know from my experience that whilst being the sole ‘controller’ I was having some crazy thoughts, every small problem was the end of Code and Create. I started to consider my next career, where was I going to go? I couldn’t go back into design, that would be a failure – I’d probably work in retail or any job that when I go home I don’t have to / cannot work from home. I’d probably have to sell my car, cancel the gym membership etc but I gave it a good go.

The opposite happened – we both came home re-invigorated and work came en-mass, literally.

Okay, great. What’s your point?

Firstly – holidays are so important.  I know its a cliche and trust me, that evening before going on holiday – even though it was only for a week, 2 hours flight away – was horrendous. I felt sick to my stomach that I might miss a phone call, a customer might have a problem that somebody else in the office cannot deal with or doesn’t reply IMMEDIATELY.

People had problems, they got dealt with, everybody survived and came out of the other side happy.

I started to think, a lot, about this.  When we started we were desperate for web design work, literally desperate.  We look back at some of the prices we charged and now, with actual overheads – we would lose money charging those amounts of money for our work. It’s embarrassing really, we didn’t know our price point and we were over the moon with some of the figures we earned.

And then…..

And then, we are now in a position – first-year accounts submitted, working full time now ( we were still working at other companies when we initially established Code and Create) we are doing better than we projected for this point of our journey and we are being presented with some amazing work opportunities.

We worry about the way we are perceived by people who don’t know us (95% of our work is still referrals) but it turns out that our worry is unjustified. We are being awarded jobs by persons unknown to us that have found us via google or across us on LinkedIn/Instagram/site footers.

Better still, we are being asked to quote and work on things like apps and bespoke software, the work that began as supplementary to web design is now coming to the forefront of Code and Create.  Hence the reason for this blog post! Our business is evolving

And theeen…..

We’re now working with companies that are older and bigger than us, helping them implement applications and software to streamline their business, we’re offering products such as Digital Signage, Social Media Integration, Point of Sale Support.  We are positioned well to offer print in conjunction with our Branding, Stationery and Graphic Design.  If you’re in a similar position, looking to implement new procedures or maybe even rebrand as a result of changes in your company – contact us. We’d love a Coffee, a catch up and a chat to see how we can help you on your next or maybe even first step in business.

And theeen…..

No, that’s it.

And then.

No and then.


John Coady

Design Director – 01925 550555