New Office. New Designer. New Doctor.

Adam Tilston


2020 has been interesting, yeah? Who’d of thought at the beginning of the year we’d go through all of this fresh hell? No one, that’s who.

However, despite the strange times, there’s some great news to share. A triple dose of it. Here we go.

New, Tallest, Team Member

First, here’s the newest member of the Code and Create team, Mike Carney. Mike joins from another fantastic Warrington based design agency, Pixel Tree. He’s 6 foot 5 inches tall (maybe 4 inches), he loves the camera and, most importantly, he’s a SUPERB digital designer. Everyone is delighted to welcome him to the C&C team.

We Can See Wales In Our New Office

Next bit of GREAT news, we’ve opened a second office in Liverpool’s Baltic Creative. Our HQ will remain in the mighty Warrington, but the move into Liverpool gives us more freedom to flex our mighty white-label service muscles. And we’ve already landed some big projects. BANG!

Doctor Holland, Doctor Holland, Zoom Calling Dr Holland

Last but not least, we can answer “yes” to “IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE ROOM?”. Senior Developer, Dr Mark Holland, completed his PhD in Computer Science (shorthand for Interactive Three-Dimensional Simulation and Visualisation of Real-Time Blood Flow in Patient-Specific Vascular Networks). WHAT A GUY!

Thrice the good news here at Code and Create. Got to bang your own drum, haven’t you?