Do you need an online presence?

JC - Web Design Director


Do you need an online presence? What does not having a website say about you?

There are plenty of businesses, old and new that survive admirably without a website or other another online presence. You might be one of those companies but at some point, you may consider making yourself an online home, a small piece of the internet to call your own.  Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?

Now, you may think – I am a wheelie bin cleaner, in St Helens, how is having a website going to help me? You’d be surprised.  Somebody may have a particularly smelly wheelie bin, in St Helens, and think to themselves ‘ I need my bin cleaning’.  They google ‘wheelie bin cleaner St Helens’ and don’t find your website.  They find a competitors website and contact them, next day they’ve got a clean wheelie bin and you’ve lost an opportunity.

Now, we’re the first to admit, in certain situations a website won’t get you work.  However, 999 times out of 1000 a person will ‘google’ a company before dealing with them, and if that company has got a shoddy online presence or none at all, that’s now the customer’s lasting first impression of your company.

Although this blog post can be perceived as a sales pitch, it really isn’t, it’s advice.  We’ve spoken to hundreds of people, locally, nationally even European and occasionally somebody will say, ‘oh, don’t need a website in my game’ and they may be right… however, they definitely need an online presence, to give their potential customers a good, lasting first impression.

Want us to help you make that first impression a good one? Drop us an email to discuss website design or development, help with your branding, stationery design and anything else you can think off between now and sending us that email! – we are Warrington based but we have clients worldwide see some of our previous work here.