McDonald’s Self Service Kiosk Software

CG - Software Development Director


All good software development starts with good design.

Recently I’ve found myself in McDonald’s (probably more I should!).  More often that not, I choose to use the new self service kiosks.  These kiosks are are slowly making their way around all stores.  If you haven’t seen one yet, you will soon no doubt!  Every time I use the kiosks, I am absolutely impressed at the quality of the application.

Lets consider  the main purpose of the application.  The purpose is to make the experience as seamless and friendly as possible for customers to place their order.  Its there to not only offer the ability for customers to place their order; but for it to be the best possible experience that custom software should be.  Its not only an option, but its actually the preferred method.

The main reason that this custom application works so well is that it offers a complete package.  It is not just restricted to the basic items on the menu.  It caters for the fussy folk (such as myself) who want to customise my order.

In a poorly designed piece of software, it would only be able to offer the ability to order items from the menu as they come.  The impact of doing this is that the audience is restricted, you immediately lose the audience that want something customised or altered slightly.

By spending the extra time and effort to really plan out the software design, McDonald’s has been able to make available an application that anybody can use, and can order anything they wish.

Well done McDonald’s