Google Mail Address Tip

CG - Software Development Director


A great little Google Mail Address tip when dealing with Google Mail addresses.  Drop the full stop.

Everybody knows the importance of getting a persons Google Mail or other email address exactly correct.  One letter, number or character out of place and your mail will not be delivered.  At best, it goes to an active address, and the recipient is kind enough to let you know and you can resend to the correct address.  At worst its gone forever with no notification and you’re left wondering why you never receive a response.

The good news is, when you’re dealing with a google mail recipient, you don’t have to worry about the placement of full stops.

This has come in handy for us on several occasions.  Finding ourselves receiving email addresses verbally and afterwards contemplating “was it or!”.  If in doubt, drop all the full stops.  The mail will be routed because google ignore them!

As an example, all of the following google mail address will be valid and arrive at the same inbox:

  5. …. you get the idea…

Do you know of any other hints tips or hacks for working with google mail or any other mail accounts?  Let us know 🙂