Managing a Client’s expectations and demands in Web Design and Development

JC - Web Design Director


Expectations and Demands, managing them.

Everybody’s project is the most important project in the world, to them.  It is to us too, don’t get us wrong – but we are only human with needs to sleep, relax and occasionally see our families also.  We hear it all too often ‘can you not just..’  a lot of the time we’d love to be sometimes it is not possible or feasible.

At the moment, we are feeling like the frustrated client with our latest Cryptocurrency investment, Electroneum. Electroneum was pitched as the next best Crypto, the next bitcoin. The thing that made electroneum so different to the masses of crypto out there at the moment ( aside from Harry Redknapp’s backing) was the fact that Electroneum will be mineable from mobile devices.   In the world of cryptocurrency, this is a game changer – it makes this cryptocurrency much more accessible to the masses as opposed to the geeks.

We sold the cryptocurrency that we held and took up the Initial Coin Offering of Electroneum at $0.01 a coin.  The coin was promised to be launched on 1 November 2017, with access to our super secure offline wallets.  Launch date came, the currency got listed on one Exchange  – Cryptopia and then the launch date passed.  No access to our wallets, we where mining frantically for more coins and we didn’t know how many coins we had, if our mining efforts were worthwhile or anything.

Slowly but surely, information started dripping out of the Electroneum camp, they had a hack attempt, they wanted to make sure the coins where secure etc.  Today is 14 November – two weeks on and still no wallet, intact they announced that vulnerability testing which began yesterday is estimated to take 3-4 weeks, how frustrating!!!!

…. But completely understandable.  Yes, we are in a rush to get access to our wallets, to know our investment is safe. ( at the moment Electroneum is trading at around $0.04, quadruple our investment.  However, we are in this for the long haul, we don’t want to be the bitcoin pizza man.)

We can apply our thinking, to the thinking of web design or software development customers.  Yes, time is important and sometimes it is important to get a product out there in time-critical circumstances.  However, if a product is ready when you want it to be, for whatever reason – take a minute to take stock.  Is it REALLY that important it’s launched on a Thursday at 3 pm, will the release of an unfinished website or piece of software have a negative representation of your company/brand?

In the electroneum circumstances, it’s probable that had the wallets been released when the company first announced, that a lot of the wallets would have been emptied by hackers and customers would have been absolutely livid, although a frustrating decision, the absolute correct decision with likely little to no repercussions.

Bare the above in mind next time your project hits a speed bump, be it a project that you’ve undertaken with us or a project elsewhere. Whether it is a web design or bespoke software build. Yes, time is money but it’s important to focus on the biggest picture sometimes and the negative effect that a rushed project can have as opposed to a carefully nurtured and grown project with a slight delay to market.

If you like the way we think and the care we obviously take – then why not trust us with your next project?  Email at our Warrington office.  Interested in how our investment is going?