5 Reasons Why Web Development Should Be Your Priority

Posted By  Josie Moran28/07/21

With the drastic changes that the world has seen since the start of the pandemic, we’re looking at how it has actually driven the importance of web development. Beyond its previous level of importance, that is (and it was high then!) Read on to find out 5 of the reasons why your web developers need to be more of a priority. 

How Has The Pandemic Increased The Importance Of Web Development?

Digitalisation. The start of the pandemic saw a huge surge in businesses switching to a comprehensive digital approach. The lockdowns meant that face-to-face meetings and sales weren’t taking place, and online sales were booming. 

Obviously, this meant that companies had to adapt to this, suit their customer needs, and even change their offerings. This requires strong development behind the site to ensure it meets the company needs and can continue performing well. 

Leading us to point number 1…

Web development is the digital representation of a company. Image shows a laptop, mug, desk light and cactus on a table.
A web developer uses their skills to build the best representation of you- so it’s vital that it gets done properly!

1- It’s The Digital Representation Of Your Company

Your website is the showcase of your company. Usually, it’s the first point of call for potential customers to explore who you are, and when things aren’t running smoothly, you lose these as potential customers. Things like page speed, glitches, and just bad design can have a massive role in this. And they should be things that your developers look at before publishing the site.

Guess not every web development company has concern for that though! Shame really, they could always ask us for advice though, maybe.

And it’s not just technicalities and user experience that this affects.

Statistics showing website traffic, which is linked to web development.
Whilst it might not be immediately obvious, web development can affect SEO long, and short term.

2- Web Development Can Have An Effect On SEO Too!

If you want good rankings in search engines, significant web development is crucial. This is because when rankings are determined, your website is searched. Shoddy features, paired with poor user experience designs and bulky pages, lead to longer page loads and you guessed it. This detracts from your website’s ranking! 

Things like video content, with no written copy or even captions, give the search engine less to work with- it isn’t going to benefit you. Never mind the actual accessibility of the content. 

Simplicity can indeed be an excellent thing, but there’s importance in ensuring that the designs are working correctly. That there aren’t those pesky glitches, having to wait for the page every time you click on it, and just a general “buggy” interface. 

Vector graphic of a laptop and a graph showing an increase in figures, which are on top of a circular pie chart.
You can see it within the analytics and heat maps of websites if the web developer hasn’t quite captured the asks of a site.

3- Bad Design & Development Turns Customers Off

A website that a visitor doesn’t trust is one that they will quickly leave. 

Overcomplicated and complex layouts, small print that’s difficult to read, and just a boring design have been key players in visitor frustrations. It’s not enough to have a website that just “does the job” anymore. You NEED a flawless design that looks smoother than silk and draws people in! You’ll get that when you work with developers that have experience and a lot of skill.

It’s not just about the fonts used but colour palettes, accessibility features and bold visuals are crucial aspects.

Following on from that, we’ve got our 4th point.

A web developer can help you declutter your site! It might not be “quite” like this, but it can be the equivalent!

4- Great Web Development  Helps To Get Rid Of Clutter

A team of developers can and should help you to understand what pages on your site that you need and what you don’t. 

A common belief is that the more you have, the better, but that isn’t true. Whilst more content allows search engines to look through, if it isn’t completely relevant to your business, it will have a negative impact. 

If you’ve got unnecessary pages and content just to help fill the blanks, this will harm your business. It’s messy and unprofessional but also suggests that you’re not quite on the ball- and that’s not something that anyone wants! 

A good development team will help you with this, plan out what you do need, and make it kickass at the same time. Without all the fuzz! 

When customers are browsing your site, they’re looking for the crucial information which will help them- they’re just not bothered about all of these fancy stories and whatnot. There’s not much point in having them there! 

Good web developers can help you bring in transactions. Transactions equal profit, so you definitely need it.

5- A Good Website Turns Heads. And Wallets.

This is similar to our first point, but it is that important and simple. Good design is not only memorable but helps to paint the best picture of a company as possible. It’s the go-to point for worldwide customers, potential clients, and so much more. 

It is vital to get it right and represent what and who you are. 

Psychology suggests that if the appeal is there from the start of a business to a customer, they’re more likely to make a purchase, than a company that isn’t so favoured. People buy into what they like, and if your website is lacking and dull- who wants to buy into that? 

In Summary

Your web development is crucial to get right- no if’s, but’s or maybe’s. You CAN get it wrong, but wouldn’t you instead get it right and see the positive impacts immediately? Like with anything, regardless of who you get on your web development front, you need to research them too, though- do they have enough experience and match what you’re looking for? 

Quality is essential (beyond words really), so you want to make sure you get it right. This can be worrying and stressful, but leaving it in the hands of trusted web developers will help ease that and get you the best results in a short time frame. And as the saying goes, it will be “easy peasy lemon squeezy”.