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Start Up Services

Although these services aren’t new, we feel that this deserves its own section.   Starting a new business is daunting, trust us… we know! There’s nothing better, than having somebody hold your hand and say; “here, we can help you sort this, this and this – don’t worry”

That’s what Code and Create can do for you.

Step One

We’re assuming you’ve got a name, although you wouldn’t be the first customer to come to us without any idea of their business name! Let’s get you a brand.  We believe in brands and the power that a brand holds.

We’ve got a vast background across all elements of design.  As a result, we’ll create you a brand that we know will work across all medias.  There’s nothing quite as frustrating when you get handed a logo that a customer wants printing on uniform and pens etc that simply isn’t going to work, and there is no fall back logo for this kind of scenario.

Let us work our magic with your company identity. We love it.

Step Two

Design is a broad brush, we know.  However, once you’ve got your brand identity sorted we can go in all kinds of directions.  You may decide you want your website designing first. You might decide you just need some business cards for now, who knows?

Luckily, we’re able to cater to all of these requests, with strong backgrounds in both digital and printed media.  Hopefully, you’ll say you need everything and we can tailor a package to you that will include every element you need, from a website to uniform and everything in-between .

Step Three

Generally, a start up has a limited amount of resources but also isn’t sure of their final direction.  Hopefully, now that you’ve got all your branding in place, you’ve been able to advertise and market yourself, handing out your fancy business cards – your business is now growing.

At Code and Create we can support your growth in various ways, if it is ongoing marketing help, additional feature to your website or software development for your ever growing business and client base.  We love to remain involved in business from the start, or whichever step we get involved at, all the way through – hopefully forever! We are still a growing business and it is always fun to see how we’ve grown alongside some of our very loyal clients.

Considering a new project, but don't know where to start?
Let us guide you in the right direction, and have some fun along the way!