Web Site Design Northwest | Vartiss | Code & Create - Warrington

Client: Vartiss

Skills: Website Design, Website Development

Release Date: August, 2018

Vartiss have been a client of ours since day one for both companies in a roundabout way.  Circumstances and priorities of our client dictated that a website wasn’t a priority although we held the domain names and set the emails up from day one.

Eventually, the time was right for our client to reveal themselves on the Worldwide web with a relatively simple, almost brochure-like website, a place where potential stakeholders can visit and get a brief overview of Vartiss before or during contact.

The resulting site is likely a work in progress, with this release being V1.  As the company grows even more and its focus does too, it’s likely that the site will evolve.  For the time being, the site is clean & easy to navigate.