Website Design | Omega Scaffolding | Code & Create - Warrington

Client: Omega Scaffolding

Skills: Branding, Graphic Design, Advertising

Release Date: April, 2018


A bit of a different job for us at Code and Create.  We’re working closely with Omega at the moment, a well-known brand in Warrington, to assist with the overhaul of their image, freshening up their brand and eventually creating their new website.

In the meantime, we where asked if we could design their new vehicle livery? A task we relished!  What are your thoughts about Omega’s new look and their awesome new vans? If you’ve got a project that you’re looking to get off the ground, we’d love to get involved early! Let us take a look at your branding, web presence, offline marketing materials etc! Email us at: [email protected]