Andrew Wall Estates Digital Signage

Skills: Graphic Design, Digital Signage

Release Date: July, 2017


Andrew came to us when opening up his new Estate Agent business, looking for a modern, affordable digital marketing solution instead of using traditional paper cards in his window.

We guided Andrew from start to finish accommodating his requirements with our own custom build digital signage platform. We have yet to find a more affordable digital signage / marketing solution compared to ours yet!

Andrew was very happy with the service he received, and left us some lovely comments!

I just wanted to say thank you to the guys for their hard work over the last few months, starting up your own business is hard enough but having people who you can rely on makes a big difference. Knowing my IT skills were limited (to say the least) they came to the office, at weekend I might add, to discuss some possible ideas they had to make this a simple easy to use and manage system.

Since asking them to go ahead there customer service level’s have been fantastic and little things like being able to text them a quick question has made a big difference.
I was aware of them through a friend of mine who had spoken highly about them last year so after checking they were still delivering the same level of service I was happy to meet with them. We have already discussed the option of a second office going further and am keen to have them on board for that expansion when it happens. Have already spoken to another company a friend of mine owns and put him in touch with them, something I felt very comfortable doing.

Thanks again.

Andrew Wall
Andrew Wall Estates