Web Development

Coding – it’s the new/old rockstar on the scene. In fact, everyday it gets easier to code your own stuff (and that’s great). But, under the hood, there’s another world/galaxy/universe of web development “stuff” that needs more than just a YouTube tutorial to understand (although CG loves a YouTube video). That’s where we can help.

Devs? Developers? Coders? 3 Ticks

Imagine working with not one, not two but a dedicated team of web developers. People who develop softwares, platforms and websites for fun in their spare time. And their skills are your skills, should you choose to work with us. 

We’re always delving further into the world of development. It’s never ending, ever expanding and we don’t profess to know it all. What we do admit is that we’re usually the first people that our friends think of when they need to turn an idea into a working digital concept, prototype or product. 

Here’s what we can do for you.

Bespoke Web Builds

Our Ethos is well documented on this site. Any website we build on your behalf is clean coded. That means no plugins if we can avoid them, no themes and certainly no bloat. Everything we do is based on a commitment to performance. The better your website performs, the better it does for your business. The better you do as a business, the better you feel about working with us. 

We work best in frameworks like React and Gatsby. We’re also dab hands at WordPress and clean .Net builds. Security is also critical when we work on a site and we NEVER compromise on this. And, we love to talk about how we can help with any website builds.

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Have a product or service that you want to sell online? Want to work with a web development agency who’s launched some VERY successful e-Comm stores? Would you like the options of Shopify, WooCommerce and Stripe integration to fit your needs? Yes, yes and yes/maybe answer, then we’d love to chat.

We build eCommerce websites that convert browsers into customers, you can just hear that till bell ringing. Because our team consists of developers, designers and marketers, the full UX journey is considered, from Home to Thanks For Purchasing. We can also advise on what CMS will work best.

Software Development

We love building websites, that’s a fact. But the C&C team of developers are also well versed at building custom software applications. Our devs are BIG fans of Microsoft .Net and .Net Core application development, with both CG and MH working together in past lives/previous specialist software roles. 

We’re also based in the UK. The mighty North West of England to be more precise. And we’re incredibly proud to have a team of both Front and Back-End developers, all sitting in the same room, building beautiful software applications. And we’re always open for a quick chat (between the hours of 8:00 will 18:00).

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