Wireless vs Wired earphones

AL - Web Design Apprentice


In the office we sometimes use earphones instead of the office speaker. A couple of us use wired/plug-in and the rest use wireless/Bluetooth. Most peoples choice of whether they want to use wired or wireless earphones depends on their lifestyle. 

Pros of Wireless

  • No chance of getting tangled up the wires
  • Can connect and disconnect to different devices easily
  • Light to carry with you
  • The quality of the sound is just as good as wired

Cons of Wireless

  • You rely on battery power and a lot of wireless earphones have poor battery capacity
  • It can be easy to lose
  • Can be more expensive than wired
  • Can cause your phone or device battery to go down faster because you will need to have Bluetooth connected at all times

Pros of Wired/plug-in

  • You don’t have to rely on battery power
  • Can be used with nearly every device (e.g. laptops, phones, tablets/ipads)
  • Don’t have to worry about your phone battery draining as much as using Bluetooth earphones.
  • Normally costs less than wireless

Cons of Wired/plug-in

  • Can be messy and wires can get tangles easily
  • Can restrict you from doing certain activities
  • They can be harder to transport because of the wires

My personal choice is wireless because for me they are easier to use and I don’t have to worry about getting them tangled when I’m not using them and they are in my bag or pocket. Even though I use wireless I don’t notice a difference in audio quality, I can use them all day and they won’t need charging for at least 3 days and it only takes 3/4 hours to charge then they are good for another 3 days. Other people in the office chose wired/plug-in so they don’t need to worry about charging the earphones and they can just plug-in and go.

The world still seems to be stuck in the decision between wireless and wired, many people are still sticking with the mostly cheaper traditional style of wired/plug-in earphones. It is a hard choice to pick for many people, especially when most people who buy a new phone wired/plug-in earphones come with the phone so they would have to spend extra money just to buy another pair of earphones when you already have a pair. At the moment people are almost completely split down the middle so wired earphones are still hanging on.