What Is An App Developer? And Why Do You Need One (Or A Few)?

Posted By  Josie Moran07/06/21

Are you aware of their capabilities? Because you should be, and how they can help push your business further than you’ve been before.

The app developer. Quirky one, that. But what DO they actually do? A genuine question in all fairness, and we’re here to answer that for you. In the most literal sense, an app developer is a computer software engineer that focuses on creating, testing, and programming apps for digital devices like smartphones, or tablets most commonly.

They work in the mystical language of code and use this to create the apps, tailoring them to specific needs and functions, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

Usually an app developer will specialise in a specific area- whether that’s mobile apps, certain software’s or otherwise. 

An app developer is usually non-stop, and for good reason!

An app developer will also work on updates that are needed, to ensure that the app works with the latest technology updates. But also that it can still function and meet the intended uses for the app. 

Basically, they’re pretty nifty, and can do a LOT when it comes to tech.

Different types of App Developers

There’s actually 3 different categories of app developer that we thought might be handy to mention! 

There are Mobile App Developers, Android Developers, and iOS Developers. These are all pretty different as they work with different coding languages, and work to the requirements of the systems. Which are all very different! We’re more than happy to sit down with you and work out which may be best for you!

The Mobile App Developers

Usually, design for smaller screens, smartphones, and usually tablets. They also work across multimedia applications and usually know many languages. This helps them in creating the apps for these systems.

Android Developers

These are in essence, Google app developers, as it is owned by Google. This usually pertains to apps owned by Google, such as Search, YouTube, Maps, and many more. The growth in this area is only accelerating as demand continues to increase. Meaning job opportunities are also expanding to meet this. Making it a great benefit to have knowledge on!

An iOS app developer can work across a range of Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad and their counterparts

iOS Developers

These are Apple’s cherished app developers, and rightly so! They develop for Apple’s mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, building the software and making sure that it delivers on the Apple promise of quality and ease of use. Usually using Swift and Objective-C as their languages for this, many often are familiar with other languages and work across a spectrum depending on the matter at hand. Variety is the spice of life, after all! 

Each of them has incredible skill, it just brings to question as to knowing your audience, and designing with them in mind, which is something we can help you with. The more data you have on your current audience/customer profiles, the easier and quicker this is. You’re not entirely certain about this? Don’t worry, we can help here too!

So why do you need them you ask? Well.

An app developer can work across a variety of systems, something to take advantage of.

Do I want an app developer/app?

If you’re running a company that works with people, and forms connections of any sort, you should probably consider why you may want your own app. Apps bring people closer, form easy ways of connection and communication, and are incredibly useful tools for the business that owns them. You want to reach out quickly and directly to your customers? Easy. 

Most of the time, apps require the user to input personal communication data like email addresses, or phone numbers, which can be stored on a database. Which you can then use in marketing material. This is extremely beneficial, and one to take advantage of! Whether you’re running an ECommerce business, dating app, or recruitment, it’s always incredibly useful to have at your disposal.

App developer skills have been used to create your favourite apps, and make it memorable for the right reasons.

When you have your own app created by an app developer, they can tailor almost every single aspect to meet and even exceed your wishes. Whether it’s data collection or simply a fun and new way to communicate with your connections, they can do all that, and then some. 

If it isn’t running as it should be, due to updates or otherwise, they can fix this for you too and ensure that all is smoothly running- as it should be! 

Does my business need an app developer?

Apps can be useful across an entire variety of businesses, and without any doubt, every business has some need for an app. We will happily help you in determining what your need is, how it can be met, and then actually setting up your app that is unique, and with complete customization. 

This would entail meetings of course- unfortunately whilst app developers are incredibly talented, mind readers they are not. We would map out your business goals, what you want the app to achieve, specific features you’re wanting, and brand guidelines. These are things like your font options, colors, and if you had other attributes you want to see! The more specific, the better, even if it’s what you don’t want to see from it! 

From simple, to complex, an app developer will work with you at all stages to create the app.

We would then start building your app, regularly checking in with you, and keeping you updated with the process, right the way through to launch. Then staying in touch to make sure all is running smoothly, as well as work with you for any updates that may be needed. If you have questions at any point, we’re happy to answer these as we go! Whether it’s for our app developers or another member of the team, we’ve got you covered!

Sure, it sounds like a lengthy process, but we want as many details as possible, to create the best apps possible!

Perfection requires time and effort, so that’s what our app developer focuses on.

If an app developer company claims it will be done by the next day, you can guarantee that it isn’t custom. And may have glitches that haven’t been worked out – why settle for that? We don’t put in half-attempted work, we design and create with individual clients, every single time. We want to create the best, so that’s what we do. Simple. You won’t be questioning the quality OR the effort, trust us.

If you want the same, why not call us for a friendly chat, and we can tell you more about what we can offer YOU. Only you- you won’t see replicas of your app from us. (We can’t guarantee other companies won’t try and borrow ideas though, we are pretty great at what we do!)

We don’t do naff quality-

Or promise on a ridiculous time frame, because that doesn’t equate to the best results. What we do offer is premier service, quality, and results, whilst keeping you in the loop throughout. Our app developer team is our pride and joy. If questions are asked, we answer, and unlike some, we do respond in good time! 

So, speak soon?