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UX and UI in Web Design

JC - Web Design Director


So you’ve been for a Starbucks and over heard a bearded guy, with sunglasses on inside, and trousers which expose his calfs, no socks on, on the latest iPhone whilst typing on his latest MacBook…. criticising the UI of his competitors latest website, whilst complementing the UX of his friends.

Now you want good UI and UX – even though you haven’t got any idea what it is!

What place does UX and UI have in Web Design

To me, people one day decided that Web Design was too easy to understand (not do, but understand) so they made up some new slang. Instead of Web designer, they are now a UX designer – User Experience. instead of Graphic Designer they are now UI designer – user interface.

For me, I don’t box myself or anybody I work with inti either category. I believe that a good web designer has the attributes of both. A good website back in the day was one that looked good (UI) and worked well (UX), if it didn’t look great that was the comment you made – no mention of UI!

All of a sudden, a job that should be able to be completed by one person or one group of people – Web Designers, now takes two people or two groups – UX designers and UI designers.

We’ll never work this way and as we grow, we won’t be taking on any UX or UI designers, in fact we won’t be taking on Web Designers – simply designers. I expect anybody that works with me can design a Website as well as the year can design a logo. I understand that they may not be able to get the site to function but provided the site looks good, is responsive ¬†visitors can easily use it – job done.

If you’re still lost let me try one last time to explain. You’ve built a house, no doubt looks amazing (good UI) but the electrician has put all the light sockets on the ceiling, making it very difficult to use your house (poor UX).

So, if you’re in the market for a new website or need your current one improving, give us a call or come and discuss your web design in our new Warrington office. ¬†You can talk UI and UX if you want, or we can just discuss your wants and needs and you can leave the looking good and working well to us!

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