Code and Create - Friday 13th

Unlucky for some

JC - Web Design Director


Friday the 13th, synonymous with bad luck. On this uneventful day, I began to think about luck, and a saying that has been said to me a lot over time ‘you make your own luck.’

My background had absolutely nothing to do with Web Design, in fact, it couldn’t have been much further away. I fell into web design… by luck. This is true, to an extent but more like I feel into Web Design, by choice. I have built websites since high school, my first website was built when I was 11. I even had an outstanding nominee bill for £50 that I eventually managed to get revoked as they shouldn’t of entered into that agreement with a 12 year old at the time! My career took different paths, but my hobby was still computing, digital design and more specifically web design.

Eventually, I landed in work that would allow my hobby to develop into a career – through hard work and a bit of convincing. 8 years have passed and now Web Design and associated work is my sole income. I’m very glad of my varied background though as it allows me to draw on previous experiences in a slightly different context, making my design work a bit more rounded.

My offline design background has made my brand game much stronger, I see designers that have only ever designed for a digital market struggling to understand why their artwork – as good as it is!- won’t work in print. I’ve had good exposure to all elements of design and that has improved my design game second to none.

We are lucky that we have varied backgrounds, we are not ‘career developers’ or ‘career designers’ we’ve had lives prior to our chosen career and we can draw on these experiences, we can relate with potential clients and current customers with things they are doing, problems they are facing. It helps us further our conversations when discussing bespoke software if we understand that retail problem, because we experienced it ourselves at 17 years old.

There is nothing quite as exciting for me than having a customer speak to me about a new business of theirs that they want branding for, a web design, stationery and everything else.. a business that they are starting up by themselves ‘just because’. Just because is the reason for a ridiculous amount of success, because somebody turned a hobby, or an interest into a career.

If you’re considering converting a hobby into a career and need some help with branding, marketing, social media, web design or if your area of business needs bespoke software in order to operate, a till system or scheduling… get in touch with us, excite us with your story and we’ll be even more excited about creating for you. email me at [email protected] or ring me on 01925 550555