Things to consider when planning your website or app

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director20/02/17

Planning a website or app? Things to consider.

We have regular enquiries from customers who don’t really know what they want.  This can be frustrating for both parties, but mainly for you.

If you come to us with a request for a website or an application but you don’t know what you want, it can be difficult for us to not only quote it, but to complete it if you are happy with our price.

So, with this in mind, I have devised a checklist for you to attempt to complete before you lead yourself down the path to frustration.

Do you have any current branding, logos etc or is this something you would like us to create for you? If you do have something in place already, it’s worth bringing it along or sending it to us – a brand always helps to give us a feel for the company.

What is it you are looking to achieve through the Website/app? Is it something unique or is it just good online advertising you are looking to achieve? What kind of online presence is it that you think your brand/company/product needs?

Timescale.  Do you have a timescale? and is it realistic?  We can pretty much work to any timescale, although we have varying solutions that we can apply, and the shorter the timescale, the more limited solution we have.

Budget.  An awkward one, we know! However, you need to be realistic about your budget, as with timescale – we can work to almost any budget but again, the smaller or more restrictive the budget the more limitations we will have on us. Do let me stress though, we can literally take on any project of any size.  We have an almost full stack of skills in our small office but we have a scalable team at our disposal should you come to us with a huge project that you want next week.

Inspiration.  Likelyhood is, you’ve done your research, you’ve looked at your competitors, you’ve used your favourite websites – let us know about them.  If there is a style of site or app that you like, but you want X,Y or Z features on it, share that gem with us! If nothing else, it helps us to quote you and provide you with a realistic timescale.

Obviously, you may not have completed any of the above or any of the above but they are just points that we will likely have to cover at some point during your time with us, so the earlier the better!  If you’re ready to get in touch with us – give us a call.