There’s so much room for activities!

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director14/06/19

So, it’s been kind of a big week at Code and Create. We’ve knocked through one of the walls that used to confine us to a maximum of 5 desks to increase our space an additonal space.


We’ve got a new member of our team starting on 1st July, so this was a needed expansion. Although with hindsight we’ve always ‘needed’ this extra space, although the room isn’t tided ( a bit of plastering needed, new carpet and a tidy up of the ceiling) already it feels like we can breathe!

We’re at a pivotal point of the month with a couple of projects, internal and for clients, that are ready to go live. Everyone in the team is starting to feel that typical almost complete drag. The majority of the work is done, the important work is done, the small/finickity details take up that final couple percent but seem to take far too long. We’re hopeful that the extra breathing space and better working environment, will help everybody clear their head a bit and as a group, we manage to get our desks clear and onto the next job.

Code and Create Warrington

The office is a literal work in progress and hopefully by the time our next blog is out ( wont be next week as we’re in Berlin for a conference) the office will be finished, Emily ( our new team member) will have started, and we’ll have announced the end of our current projects!