The Custom Cursor

AL - Web Design Apprentice


Many new sites are going with the new trend of the custom icon cursor. This for many people is a way to try and get the customer experience as high as it can be so people remember the company. If a company has a good website and something on the site that people remember, they will be more likely to tell people about the company and the website.  This means the brand gets its name around and will have more chance for people to get in contact or complete a transaction of some kind (interaction, or call to action for example).

Creating a website that people will remember can be quite challenging.  It needs to be unique to the company and needs to stand out in the industry that the company is in. A custom cursor could help a company create a website that is unique and stand out in the crowd of the industry. Not many websites have this but more and more websites are adopting this trend to increase user experience. 

The custom cursor effect has to be done properly and done well because if it is done wrong it could make the website look tacky and disjointed. There are different types of cursor effects, there are ones that overlap the existing cursor so that the normal cursor can not be seen anymore, there are ones that go under the existing cursor and follow it around the page and there are many more designs to fit any kind of website and business. You can choose an already made cursor or you can make your own, which by making your own adds to the uniqueness of the site and brand. Having a custom made cursor which is unique to the brand and company is special because no one else will have the same and will make your site stand out to everyone that goes on or has been on the website. 

Companies that don’t have a custom cursor on their website either don’t know about it or don’t know how to do it, but is easy to do once the proper amount of research has gone into how to create and use your own custom cursor which will help make your website feel more unique and fun to use. 

If you are thinking about adding a custom cursor to your company or personal website make sure it’s done properly and that it works because it could have a really negative impact on how people view your company and website.  

Below is a codepen snippet that displays some examples of the different cursors available

See the Pen Custom Curors by Aaron Lee (@Al2001) on CodePen.

These examples are ready-made there are ways of building your own website using HTML and CSS from the CodePen example as shown above.