Starting a business is hard.

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director12/08/19

We know that starting a business is hard, we’re one of the better positioned agencies to know this and to empathise with your position because we’re only around 3 years old ourselves, we know your pain, we feel your angst.

You’re in the start up ecosystem now, you’ll know the figures:

Approximately 90% of start-ups fail

I’m confident that this isn’t entirely correct; some start-ups don’t even start.  We’ve been in the conversations that happen ‘let’s start a business, this is a good idea, and the next thing you’ve sent your money to companies house and you’re a director.’

I’ve started to look at how and why this figure has come about and aside from the anomalies I’ve mentioned, ask “how can so many businesses/good ideas come to nothing?”

Now, I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, we’ve got a few years yet ourselves of getting to that 5 year point that people talk so passionately about, but I’d like to think we’re on our way.

Don’t do everything yourself

I know that cashflow is hard, especially if you’ve not taken investment but still, value your time! I’m a self-confessed keen DIYer and when we started I had a ‘I can do that’ mentality. Kit out the office? I can do that. Accounts? I can do that. Write tenders? I can do that.

Be less like me.  Stick to what you’re good at and give your time value.  You hear people talking of 100 hours working weeks and I fully get that, but what’s each hour worth? Let’s say your chargeable rate is £50 an hour.  So in a working day you could achieve upwards of £400-500? Yet you spend a day doing accounts that you could have paid an accountant £150 a month to do?

Why do you care?

Two-fold really, we made these mistakes, up at 2am or in the office until 4am building chairs & tables, creating and sending invoices, doing the jobs that others should have been doing and not focusing on what we’re good at, which is websites!

So, let’s cut to the chase – you’ve found yourself in the startup ecosystem, maybe we can help.  The likelihood is you need a website, you may need a brand, these are our strengths. We’ve got a wealth of experience, despite being a relatively young company, we’re empathetic to your position and we’re hungry and passionate about the web.

We’re relatively selective on our clientele, we want to work with people that share our mindset, hard working and determined to succeed in their field. We value our time and hopefully you will too…

Ready to make the next step?

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