Productivity v Creativity

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director12/10/17

What should take precedent when planning a space for Web Design and Web Development? With our new office opening in Warrington in the not too distant future, we’re planning decor and layout. OBVIOUSLY our design team want a creative office, whilst the development side of the company want a productive, quieter, organised office.

Who wins? Web Design or Web Development.

Both arguments are understandable, and we’re currently carefully considering which route to go down.

Personally, despite a little bias, I feel that a creative / fun office is important. Inspiration is invaluable, if we can create a space that inspires us in our day to day work it will benefit all elements of our business. I want our new home in Warrington to be a hub of Web Design, Branding and creativity.

In total we have 3 rooms available as workspaces to us in our new office.  It is likely that we will have a small web development and bespoke software team in there, allowing our web developers to work in a less distracting scenario if they so wish.

We need to then decide on music.  Our Development Director likes pop-punk, listened to through Amazon Prime.  Our Design Director prefers Indie, listened to through Spotify!

Next we have equipment – Web Design wants Apple, Web Development wants Windows.
Food? – Design likes Steak, Development likes Chicken and Chips.

Writing this, I am being to question why we have decided to share an office.

No, in all seriousness.  Ideally, in the design side there will be access to bean bags and/or beer (probably coffee)! We’ve seen what other web designers are doing well in Warrington and how they are doing it; although we don’t see ourselves in direct competition with others, due to our bespoke software and custom web work, it is interesting to see how firms are conducting themselves.

The development area will be a bit more subdued, with little distraction other than music. The area will be phone free and the door likely shut the majority of the time.  We’re excited to show you more and welcome our clients to our new base.

We’ve got a few fun events in the pipeline once we’ve settled in to our office, so we’ll keep you updated and get you invited to those. In the meantime, I need to decide on my office chair, should probably be doing something a little more productive but instead I’m reading this.

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