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For most people it’s either Netflix or Amazon Prime but which one is the best?

Netflix launched online on the 14th of April 1998. Netflix was created because the CEO Reed Hastings got a fine from Blockbuster Video for brining a rental back late. 

Pros of Netflix:

  • It is easy to use – you can use it on any device and the whole UX is the same or very very similar on every device.
  • There are no ads – many people hate adverts especially when they are waiting to watch something, this is a thing Netflix has obviously thought about to keep all of their customers happy.
  • Netflix has also got its own/original content – In my opinion the ‘Netflix originals’ films and series are up there with the some of the best that Netflix offer.
  • You can download content and watch them offline – this is a great feature for people that travel and don’t want to use all of their data usage up with streaming movies.
  • Cheap and affordable – there are a few different plans for people to pick. There is Basic which is £5.99 a month, Another price plan is Standard which is £8.99 a month and the final plan is Premium which is £11.99 a month. The only real difference is the number of people that can be streaming at the same time. 
  • Good selection of children programs. 

Cons of Netflix:

  • Some of the content is outdated 
  • The selection of films and series depends on where you are in the world – this could be seen as a pro if you are in USA because the selection there is a lot better than anywhere else.

Amazon Prime Video was launched on the 7th of September 2006 and was created as part of Amazon’s mission to dominate in every industry. 

Pros of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Amazon offers a package where all of there services such as ‘Unlimited One-Day Delivery’, ‘Prime Video’,  ‘Prime Music’, ‘Prime Reading’, ‘Twitch Prime’, ‘Prime Early Access’, ‘Amazon Photos’ and ‘Discounts Compliments of Amazon Family’ for just Prime Video it is £5.99 but for everything Amazon offers is £7.99.
  • Content is updated frequently.
  • Option to rent or buy films.
  • Live TV where some sports will be shown.

Cons of Amazon Prime Video:

  • The UX changes on different devices
  • Not as easy to add different members like Netflix.

I use both frequently and I am unsure of which one is better. I think maybe for the value of money Prime Video because the selection is larger and more spread out for the Genres. Both are equally as good and successful as each other and will most likely continue to dominate the market.

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