My First Year At Code And Create

AL - Web Design Apprentice


My first year at Code and Create has been amazing. I have had help every step of the way in developing my skills as a Website designer and learning life lessons. Everyone on the Code and Create team is always free to help each other which is what you need to develop not just work base skills but life skills too. 

At Code and Create there are many different opportunities to learn different skills, I started off only knowing basic computer skills and in just a year I have been taught how to set up till systems, build websites and many more different skills that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn in a different environment. 

When I started here a year ago I had just left high school and had a summer job, Code and Create helped me to grow up so much with in the first year and helped me achieve some of my dreams. They have helped me be able to afford my first car and helped do things I thought I would be able to do at my age.

Within my first year I have developed my skills within the workplace and now I am at the level where I have been taking control of my own work. I am proud of the progress that I have made within quite a small time scale from never have even seen how to even make a website to be able to create a website from the very start to finish on my own.

Overall my first year at Code and Create has been full of happy and fun memories that I hope to carry on for as long as I am at Code and Create. Code and Create are great employers and have been supportive with everything that i have done this year and have shown me help when i am stuck and helped me develop my skills more and more.