My First 6 Months at Code and Create

AL - Web Design Apprentice


Working at Code and Create is my first job and I have loved every minute of these first 6 months. During this time, I have got to know a lot about the company and very quickly felt like a part of the team.

My first 6 months have not been how I expected it would be, it has been so much better.  I have enjoyed my time here so far and have learnt so many new skills.  Thinking back to when I was in high school I was panicking about trying to get a job and when I found Code and Create it was what I was looking for and more.

Working here has taught me a lot of life and job skills that have helped me in my day to day life. Being a Web Design apprentice has been a lot better than I had expected, within a short space of time I had soon started to pick up how everything works because of all the help and guidance from the rest of the team. The entire time I am in work I learn something new or develop my existing skills and knowledge more and more.  I have found that working in a small friendly team makes it easier to share knowledge and help each other with problems.  It also makes it easier to work on projects together, ask for help or for an opinion on the work you do.

I hope to be with Code and Create for a long time and carry on the job I love and enjoy, complete my apprenticeship, become a full web designer and become more and more part of the team and the company.