My First 3 Months @ C+C

MCP - Web Design Apprentice


My first 3 months at Code + Create

3 months in at C+C and you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun!

And that is exactly what I am having, FUN!  Being at C+C doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like a family learning, working hard together and having a laugh.

3 months ago…

From my first day back in March, the whole team have welcomed me with open arms and I felt I needed to show them what I could do.

So much so that CG and JC threw me in the deep end right away, tasking me to go wild with the logo design for an internal project called Guppy. I couldn’t believe my luck! I started sketching right away and after working my magic with photoshop and around a month later the Guppy logo was completed.

CG and JC then asked me to design and create the website for Guppy. It was a little daunting, I needed to get my head around WordPress as I had never used it before. It was here where I was introduced to CSS coding to be able to style the website in the way I wanted it to look. It took me a while, but I managed to produce a finished product that I was (initially) happy with.

Around this time I was also given other tasks, including my first full client project.  This job involved analysing the clients’ existing site, to eventually design and build a new replacement website.

Getting stuck in…

I began with a sketch and then I started to create the website in WordPress. It took a long time for me to create a 5-6 page website, as I had only made single page sites beforehand. CG and JC could see me doing things wrong, but allowed me to continue believing the best way to learn is to make mistakes, learn from them, and then you have a better understanding what to do next time.

Once this site was done, CG and I compared my completed site to the original design sketch, and I had diverted a LOT!  We explored the differences and concluded the differences were ok however needed to be justified or explained in anticipation of any questions from clients expecting a certain style.  Once that was done, I made a few more changes to the site to make it more like the original sketch, this got sent to the client and they were really happy.


After this, I was introduced to Javascript and the HTML/CSS framework bootstrap in a training session. I really took to bootstrap, so much so I asked if I could re-make my original website Guppy as a static site instead of a WordPress one.  CG helped me get to grips with bootstrap and off I went. Once the Guppy site was made in bootstrap, CG asked me to continue on the Guppy brand and design / create the Guppy partners page. I found this to be easier for me to do, and also quicker as I had been able to get to grips with bootstrap.

Over the last 2 weeks, CG and I have been combining our work together to finish and publish the Guppy live site and its associated partners’ page.  We are now in the final stages and creating snag lists to polish the sites to make it be better for the user as well as work in a user-friendly manner as possible.

So far so good, I have really enjoyed learning coding and development, and the basics of the back-end world…  So much so that after a lot of thought, my journey with C+C is now changing with a new end goal of being a developer!  I can’t wait to start my new course in software development and see what the future holds.