Mental Health, and what I find helps.

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Nowadays, mental health is a huge deal, whether that be in the workplace, in people’s everyday home  lives – or both. Life is a lot more stressful than it once was, for example the pressures of living, paying bills and work (for both men and women).

Once upon a time, men went to work and women stayed at home to look after the children. However, in the 21st century, it is a necessity for men and women to work just to be able to get by – consequently causing a lot more stress than there once was.

Mental health in general isn’t spoke about enough, maybe because some people don’t understand it, or feel that it remains a taboo subject. Despite this, 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24. This shows that mental health is present in a lot of young people today, this could be due to a lot of the following reasons:

  • Social Media
  • University / education
  • The workplace

Firstly, there has been a huge increase in the amount of children and young people allowed to be on social media platforms, such as instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat (to name a few). This in my opinion is a recipe for disaster, following the latest headlines of the “momo” video, leading children to cause harm to themselves out of fear that ‘momo’ was going to harm them. What makes it even more disgusting, is the fact that it would be played as an advert in the middle of a peppa pig episode on the likes of youtube.

This is only one case, however, instagram have been pulled over the coals for not monitoring self harm content that young people can access, which caused one girl to take her own life “Her family later found she had been viewing material on social media linked to anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide and her father accused Instagram of ‘helping to kill her.’”.

I  believe that young people and children are so easily influenced by social media, and will go along with trends to fit in. At one time the internet seemed the best thing in the world, now i beg to differ, i believe that the internet is a very dangerous scary place, especially for young people and children. This consequently could cause children and young people to suffer with mental health problems.

Secondly, mental health problems could be caused because the pressure of education and university. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to learning, from high school to college, and from college to university. At each stage of education the pressure increases dramatically to 1) keep on top of course work, 2) hit targets  

3) meet deadlines 4) revise for multiple exams and 5) be expected to pass them with flying colours.

Therefore due to these expectations the majority of students succeed, however at what cost? Many have dropped out of University, but a lot more may suffer from mental health problems which could be due to the stress of the above, and or the social element of university life, for example being liked, or wanting to fit in.

Finally getting to the topic of this blog, mental health in the workplace.

Mental health is such a big issue, affecting more people than you would think. Some people brush how they are feeling under the carpet and don’t talk about their experiences and or feelings, as they feel they are a burden or don’t want to bother anyone with problems.

Some people such as doctors, friends, family and especially some employers do not take mental health problems such as depression or anxiety seriously. Which in fact makes mental health problems even worse for the individual.

I believe that this occurs due to a lack of understanding – usually by those who have been fortunate enough not to experience these mental health problems personally.

From an employers perspective, they should never take mental health into their own hands, instead relevant training should be arranged by the employer for the entire team, resulting in a more educated and tolerant working environment.

What makes a difference – what helps me.

Getting involved in conversation – What I find helps me, is just being asked by another colleague how my evening was, or what are my plans for the weekend. This engages me into conversation and instantly gives me a boost.

Getting a break from the work you are currently on – It is very important to have regular breaks, especially if you are working on a screen 8 hours a day. This readjusts you’re vision and defuses any stress at the time. This also helps me, especially when i find it hard to concentrate.

Have someone that you can confined in – It is important to have someone in the workplace who you feel comfortable talking to. It is important to inform your workplace of any mental health problems as soon as you recognise you have them. Or if you are struggling with anything in particular.

This is just so they can find a way to best support you. If your workplace are unaware of your mental health problems or struggles, how are they supposed to support you? They may be good, but they aren’t mind readers!

My mental health and how i cope at work.

To be completely honest, I never know how i will be feeling each day – happy, low, emotional etc – so I just take each day at a time. Most days are better than others, but when I am on a bit of a downer, I let my bosses know just out of courtesy.

Over the past couple of months (february and before) my mental health took a turn for the worst. However I had the love and support around me to help me do something about it. This resulted in me getting in touch with CG, and within 2 weeks I was working at Code and Create. I have never looked back.

Code and Create are a fantastic team of people who I am extremely grateful to be around and working with. From the start of my employment with them i have been open and honest about my mental health situation. I am not afraid or ashamed of talking about my mental health problems, as it educates those who have little knowledge or no knowledge about how it affects an individual.

C+C have helped my mental state, probably without even realising it!

C+C have welcomed me into their team, making me feel that here is where I belong.

Everyday we have a laugh, and this gets me laughing out loud – no doubt improving my mood! And at the same time, we work hard.

I look forward to coming to work everyday. I know i’m going to be learning more and more, which helps my brain – because it’s actually being used!

I am embracing every opportunity here, and i feel that my mental health is improving a little each day being on this incredible team. I feel very appreciated here at C+C as does the rest of the team – because the directors are legends, and actually praise us for our work which is very important as this boosts team moral, making the workplace a happier place.