Is it worth it?

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director21/04/17

Website design, is it worth it?

After a meeting with a client today about a job they wanted delivering in a very short amount of time, we where discussing between ourselves the prospect of getting the job, the work everybody would have to do over the next couple of hours/days and the pressure we where putting ourselves under, to deliver.

A comment was made, that we where putting ourselves under a lot of pressure for a product that the client may not realise the value, and may think they have been ripped off!

the counter argument was; how can a client feel ripped off when they don’t know the amount of work it takes to produce something, aesthetically pleasing or not.

that made me wonder, do clients ever sit back and look at something thinking, was it worth it? surely they do, and I’d like to think a lot of them time they think YES!

However, we can’t help but feel that with some of our more complex, intelligent projects that a client may look at their end product, in all it’s glory and think – I spent a lot of money on this simple thing. The truth is, a lot of the time it isn’t simple, or their problem they approached us with certainly wasn’t simple. – it is likely the fact that it has taken us hours to produce a simple solution or system to a complex problem. If you where able to track the amount of people and hours that goes in to some these ‘simple’ projects and pay an hourly wage, sometimes you can be coming in at £2-£3 an hour, an extortionately low figure.

To put this in to context, we listened to a lecture quite recently that stated the Facebook ‘like’ button took over 280 hours to redesign, based on £2 an hour this would be £560 or £3 an hour £840! We’ve delivered full projects for less! Additionally, we can be pretty confident that Facebook aren’t paying £2/£3 an hour.

So, yes, it is definitely worth it, we’ve created a solution to your problem! Speak to us, find out our workflow, our thought process, the design process and the eventual implantation of our ideas and the creation of your solution.  You’ll soon find that we provide brilliant value for money along with passion and enthusiasm for our work and your ideas!

if you think we can help you, or just want a chat about an idea, drop us an email or catch us on social media!