GDPR…. What now?

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director12/06/18

So the GDPR deadline has been… and past. What now?

HTTPS! That’s what.

Google’s next lot of big changes are happening next month and the big one is site security – The use of SSL certificates on your websites. Google is going to start penalising sites that don’t use SSL certificates and will show up dramatic ‘this site is not secure’ messages, that will almost certainly deter any would-be customers of yours.

What can you do, to stop Google penalising you?

first of all, check your site in google chrome – if it shows as secure now, then panic over – continue with your life. IF it shows as not secure or doesn’t flag up anything, further investigation is needed.  If you have a web developer – give them a shout ask them to sort things out.

If you don’t have a web developer/web designer – now’s your chance to speak to Code and Create, like you’ve always wanted to! Give us a shout and we’ll get your SSL certificate sorted.  It’s probably a good time to have a look at making any tweaks you need!

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