Exciting Times

JC - Web Design Director


All of a sudden, everything is happening at once at Code and Create.

We’re dealing with some awesome new clients and working more/closer with existing clients. We’re soon to be moving out of our very first home into our next abode with some more space and a better set-up.  Why do you need more space? We hear you ask. We’re taking on two more members staff over the next 6 weeks or so.

We’ve got one member of staff already lined up to start in October’ he’ll be on our Blog and Social Media when the time is right.  We’re also looking for an apprentice, hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we’ll find the right person and they’ll also be introduced on here. ( keen to be our apprentice? Drop us an email at [email protected])

The work we have taken on over the last few weeks has been incredibly varied from the build of a new system in Microsoft Technologies, the adoption of an old system in php – an abundance of WordPress work, 2 new branding jobs and our day to day graphic design/print etc.

Although it wasn’t really what we envisaged when we set out, we really are becoming a full stack / whole solution agency.  A start-up business could walk through our door and walk away with everything they wanted from logo/branding, clothing, stationery, digital signage an app and a website.  For a startup, this is pretty cool and for us it’s awesome – our clients trust us with every aspect of their brand/digital journey.

As an ‘agency’ we’re becoming more and more innovative, we’re continually developing and improving on our own products, we’ve introduced even more tech-based solutions to our day to day jobs and we’re really looking forward to getting more of our products showcased in our new office.

We’re really proud of where we are at this moment in time, starting a business can be tough.  We’re really thankfully of the clients that have trusted in us so far and the amount of recommendations we get has been overwhelming – we continually ‘joke’ that we don’t self market, at all. 100% of our work so far has come through recommendations, that’s some track record.

If you’re reading this as an existing customer, thank you! If you’re reading this as a potential customer/somebody with an idea, drop us an email on [email protected] and see how we can help, or better yet – contact one of our old clients, we’ve got a handful of them to showcase on our recent work tab and see how highly they recomend us.

Design Director