Do you NEED a website?

Posted By  JC - Web Design Director14/05/17

Of course not.

We speak to people every day, people locally in Warrington, Liverpool or Manchester that tell us they NEED a website.  Now, when it boils down to it and the conversation unfolds we discover one of two things, they want a website or they don’t. For some people, they may get by using solely social media, and actually do better than they would if they had the support of a website. Depending on the dynamic of the person and/or business, a website may be a hindrance to them! We know form experience that there is nothing worse than logging on to a potential supplier/contact to see their website hasn’t been updated for 12 months, it would be better if they only had a landing page, or even a coming now page ( without a date!)

We are not trying to sell ourselves out of work here, we are trying to save both, you and us, time! Unfortunately for us, our time is all we have. Our time is our business, and we are not in the market of selling our time to people who don’t benefit from it. We won’t charge you for a meeting, a phone call or an email.  So we need to make sure the people we are in contact with WILL benefit from our time.

We are finding more and more that when people come to us, wanting us to help them – we do, with dramatic success. In these scenarios we are able to immerse ourselves in their businesses, especially the startups where we are almost able to treat them as our own.

Our Challenges

The projects we are involved in from start to finish, the branding, the website, the CRM system and the custom software – they are the most satisfying for us.  Although the most challenging are the ones that come to us, established, sometimes unhappy with current service providers, and ask us to fix their problems.  We are finding more and more that with web design in Warrington especially, that some providers are simply taking peoples money, farming work offshore and delivering substandard products.

The issues we face

1. As people, we feel sorry for the customer, we work hard for every £ we earn, as does our customer, we can empathise with them when they don’t benefit from spending their hard earned money.

2. We know that we can deliver the job that they truly wanted, even if its just taking over the hosting of their emails or providing them with a slightly customised but off the shelf CRM system. However, and this deserves another point;

3. Ridiculously, we aren’t the best at self marketing, so they didn’t find us first! Now they have seen their money, they have  bitter taste in their mouth, and they don’t want to spend any more money with us. WE TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.  We’re people, we’re flexible, we will structure our pricing around you.  We may not be the cheapest, but we do the work ourselves and we are, thoroughly, proud of our price.

WANT a website?

If you’re based in the North West and would like a website building, an app developing or a piece of software implementing, from us an email and we’ll arrange some coffee.

If you’re further a field, we’d still love a chat! We’ve got customers living in Liverpool and Warrington that we have never met, never mind a couple 10’s of 100’s of miles away.  We are approachable and friendly, you won’t get any ‘sales talk’ from us.  We leave everything in your court, make suggestions, tell you what we can do and equally, what we can’t, and let you make your own decision! Web design doesn’t need to be complex, despite what some of the big agencies would love for you to believe.  We deal by text, by WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Phone, Dropbox, WeTransfer and Coffee/Beer ( depending on the hour).

Drop us an email, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Reach out to us, let us see how we can help you.