C+C Hackathon

EN - Junior Web Developer


Hackathon: A usually competitive event in which people work in groups on software or hardware projects, with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event.

The goal of our hackathon was to create our own clothing brand within 24 hours. This included the logo, clothing and website design, setting up socials for the brand, building the website and getting our own hoodies and t-shirts printed.

For my first hackathon, it was not at all what I expected!
On the lead up to the event, I was excited but at the same time, really anxious and found myself doubting my ability to be helpful. However, these doubts were quickly dispersed within the first few minutes of the event.

It was a great learning experience for me, I was able to help with tasks I was both familiar and unfamiliar with. I learned how to buy and set up a domain, set up a git to help the team collaborate & track the website’s progress, set up a Facebook pixel to help track traffic to the site through our Facebook store and I was introduced to Gatsby, then had the opportunity to contribute to the building of the website.

The highlight of the entire experience for me was learning how the designs are printed onto the clothing. Watching the machine slowly print my design and seeing it come to life on the hoodie was really fun and interesting to experience.

Not only was it a great learning experience for me, but I got to work with members of the team I’d never had the opportunity to work with before. I feel like the hackathon has brought us all closer together. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with everyone and working together towards the same goal.

As a team, we managed to complete our goal in 17 hours. Our new clothing brand is called NerdWorld and we already have a range of nerdy designs available on the site, with more coming soon!

I hope we have the opportunity to do more fun hackathons in the future!

Check out our NerdWorld store here – https://nerdworld.cc/