2019 is here…

JC - Web Design Director


Goodbye 2018, it was a blast.

It’s been a while since we last wrote, so long in fact that since our last post we’ve doubled in size since our last musings.  Our humble office has grown into a team of 4. We now have Aaron and Mark on the team, they’ll feature properly on our site in the near future.  The growth in personnel has resulted in the growth of ‘banter’ (lads lads lads!), memeing and general laughs.  It’s definitely a more productive environment now with everybody pushing each other whilst working for each other, we’ve got a great little team together.

The team came about due to our workload has increased dramatically, we’ve taken on a few new clients and we’ve got some really exciting work in the pipeline that we cannot wait to showcase this year. We’ve got certain ambitions that we’re looking to hit with some of the jobs we have on at the moment, we’re not going to set ourselves up to fail or brag too early by disclosing but hopefully the results will speak for themselves.

We’re fully settled into our new office now, only around the corner from our initial base in Warrington.  The Joe Rogan Podcast is almost a daily occurrence on youtube, our desks are full and Aaron has got his coffee making skills on point!

January doesn’t come about without the new year, new me(us) posts that you see everywhere and increasingly random challenges.  This January Aaron has decided to take on veganuary, a bonus for me as a full-time vegan I get to laugh when he realises he cannot eat half of the rubbish he normally does!  DryJanuary seems to be prevalent also, which after the heavy December of Christmas parties, seeing clients and general binging is a welcome addition for me!

If you’re in the Warrington area and you want to come and see the team, our office or maybe have a chat about a new web design or development project you may want us to get involved with, give us a bell or throw us an email and Aaron will get the coffee on.