We know what you want, when it comes to design. You want things like; Bold, Strong, Classy, Elegant, Feminine, Masculine, you want it a little bit masculine and a little bit feminine. Sometimes you might want it old looking… but not too old. Can you see what we are getting at here? Nobody want’s to be stuck on the design roundabout, going round in circles.

The issue with all of the above is, they are open to interpretation.  Bold might mean bright pink, in some peoples eyes. Whereas ‘magenta’ is an every day colour for us.  Some people may say that the Selfridges logo is classy ( which it is) but others may say it’s too plain ( which it is).

We know it’s hard, trust me! But To save you money and us time ( essentially the same thing) when it comes to your ideas – try and be as detailed as you possibly can with us.  Provide examples, sketches, course – ANYTHING! Just to help us out.

Now, this isn’t a whinge, and don’t get us wrong – if we create something you hate, tell us you hate it.  However, don’t just leave it there… tell us WHY you hate it.  Is it just the colour? Is it the style? Does the font remind you of a funeral? Whatever it is, it will help us with our next design, to make sure eventually you get the perfect logo or website or system.

We know there isn’t a ‘perfect’ there is always a compromise or a decision to be made, but we aim to make that decision as easy as possible for you to make.  You never know, we might create something once and you love it – no comparisons needed.

So, in order to be the perfect client, and help us make you the perfect design, consider the following:


– Do you have a style in mind? If it’s ‘elegant’ – what’s elegant? Is Elegant to you… Mercedes Benz? or is Elegant to you Marks and Spender?


– Not overly important, but if you’ve got a colour scheme in mind – share it with us.  It will be easier for you to fall in love with something if it’s in the colour you’ve already decided.  Like I said though, it isn’t essential initially as it’s easy for us to manipulate any colours.


– Do you already have one? Do you have brand guidelines? If so, let us know.  You’d be surprised at how many people provide us with a logo, let us go away and do our thing then say – oh, we can’t do that, it’s in our brand guidelines.  Great.


– Obviously a website is to be used on the internet, across many devices. However, a logo may be used for a plethora of things – keep us in the loop with you’re ideas. If you envisage your logo going on vehicles – we can not only bare that in mind but also mock up some visuals of your logo on vehicles.  We design for all platforms but sometimes a customer can make us weigh more toward one media, losing any consideration for the other medias that may be available to the customer.


With all of the above, pictures are fantastic – pictures fill in when you cannot quite describe what you’re attempting to explain to us.

Hopefully the above helps you to become our perfect client.  For any enquiries, email me at jc@codeandcreate.co.uk.
For a chat and a coffee, to discuss web design or development work – come and visit us in Warrington, give us a call on 01925 550555 to arrange.