Warrington Wolves

Hosting, Maintenance

The Brief

Essentially the flagship brand of Warrington, we are ridiculously proud to work with our premier Hometown sports club, Warrington Wolves.

The Wolves were in need of a new digital partner to be responsible for the upkeep and ongoing development of the Warrington Wolves website. A highly popular website with a huge number of monthly visitors resulted in the need of a partner with strong knowledge of website upkeep as well as the ability to apply new features or updates to the site when required, all in line with brand guidelines and delivered quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

The Response

Initial delivered services involved the cooperation with the previous supplier to take ownership of all website assets and source control, before strategically planning all DNS changes in a time which would impact as few users as possible. We achieved this by fully staging the new hosting site and completing all integrity checks before configuring the new routing changes.

With the new hosting environment online we were free and able to continue working in the background on new content, features and materials on a month by month basis reacting to the ever dynamic nature of a high profile rugby league sports club.

Aside from the core responsibility of the website, we proudly make ourselves available for any advise and assistance in all things web.

The Technical Bit