Warrington Wolves Foundation

Warrington Wolves Foundation are a fantastic cause in the local area and do so much for the town of Warrington and the surrounding area.

The Brief

The requirement for a website grew out of the desire to be a separate entity to the Warrington Wolves and as such be recognised as their own identity. Brand ideas were focused around the energy from Warrington Wolves, retaining the iconic colours, and would see the requirement including a new logo, website design and build.
Thanks to you we now have a great site to promote and get more people involved in building a stronger community #ChangingLives @WWCLSFoundation
Neil Kelly - Foundation Director

Delivered Services

Through our involvement with the Warrington Wolves, we have been good friends of The Foundation for a number of years and we eventually were in a position to reach out and offer a helping hand with the new website and corporate identity. The badge was created as a hybrid between the new Warrington Wolves badge and the old Charitable Foundation logo, the outcome is a clean yet friendly brand image.

We completed an initial website design proposal which underwent minor alterations, and was soon after delivered as the fully functioning website online today.


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