Walton Gardens

Development, Hosting, Maintenance

The Brief

One of Warrington's most popular local attractions. Walton Hall & Gardens stands as a venue to the community offering a range of day activities or evening experiences. From a children's playground and zoo, to mini golf and Wedding events, its easy to see why they wanted to show off their offerings with a brand new website.

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) identified a need to self market, promote and advertise the wide array of offerings held at Walton Hall & Gardens outside of the single page information sheet previously listed on the WBC's own website. The brief consisted of the design and build of an entirely new, fully optimised, mobile friendly website that was to be split into 4 main categories; with each category having a sub-category split to give each and every visitor the opportunity to learn more about the site.

The Response

"Over the last few months Warrington Borough Council have been working with the guys at Code and Create on developing a new standalone website for everyone’s favourite Warrington park – Walton Gardens.

From the very beginning of this project this company have been a joy to work with. Attentive, understanding and ultimately very knowledgeable they have manged to bring together a lot of very different concepts and ideas and produce a marvellous website that now does full justice to Walton Hall and Gardens estate.

I would highly recommend their services and if you’re reading this review – trust me – they are the right fit for you."

-- Frank Allen, Digital Services, Warrington Borough Council

The Technical Bit

Working with a wide range of stakeholders, from branding and content providers through to ICT security, we went about initially proposing a design and site map using AdobeXD. After we got the all clear on design, we opted to build with the latest WordPress framework at the core of the site - building our own themes, functionality and plugins to deliver all requirements with zero 3rd party plugins.

After the core site was completed, we went about building an administration section (with additional automated cron tasks) to dial into EventBrite's own API to retrieve the events taking place at Walton Hall & Gardens. This enabled us to give great news and confidence to the WBC that they could keep working exactly as they were previously, by simply updating their EventBrite account.

Finally we begin work on the interactive maps that you can see on the site. These maps were built in house, using vectorised cartoon images that were then bundled and embedded into the site as an interactive map that we achieved by making use of the Leaflet open source JS library.