Splash Art Online

Development, Optimisation

The Brief

A small, local, super creative, business. Splash Art Online create bespoke art for individuals and organisations alike. The perfect addition to any space. We've known Ben for a number of years and seen him grow from employee to entrepreneur. Creating unique pieces that now take pride of place in locations across the world.

The client came to us initially on a hosting agreement, no longer happy with the agency who built the initial site. However, the site we inherited wasn't fit for purpose, the site was slow and clunky with unoptimised images and even had malware on the site.

The Response

We rebuilt the site with sustainability and efficiency at the forefront of our mind, achieving a crazy low page size of ~300kb and a pagespeed score of 99, whilst retaining full wordpress capabilities.

The Technical Bit

We do WordPress the right way. Bespoke theme based on our own template, performance and usability are critical. Frustation to a minimum. You score high with Google, you rank high. We're loading images lazily, only when they're seen. These images are formatted with modern browers in mind, this keeps downloads small. Scripts are kept to a minimum, our client didn't need a JavaScript framework to show what he's made of.

It's blazing fast.