Law Plain and Simple

Development, Optimisation

The Brief

They've got site they like with a CMS that gives them nightmares. They want all their amazing content in a place they can manage with confidence. They know Law and they know WordPress. No one wants to rebrand or redesign but they do want a custom WordPress theme with some new features to boot.

The Response

There were no critical problems with the old website, it just wasn't what the client needed. We can help bridge the gap. The response was simple, give this successful website the Code and Create treatment. Build bespoke, build with best practice, to the clients specification with an ever-present eye on performance. Development like this means the client won't need excessive plugins to get their message across. WordPress core security updates will be easy. And should the client need a plugin later down the line everything will be compatible.

The Technical Bit

We might be a little different in the way we do WordPress here at Code and Create. When we build WordPress we build bespoke. That's a custom theme, tailored to your website. Performance as a feature and plugins to a minimum. We set to scavenge parts of the old site to save as much time and cost as possible.

The old "CMS" was set in stone, no data export mechanism to speak of. To migrate the content from the old system we had to build a python script that ripped the content out from the old website and saved it neatly into a spreadsheet to import into WordPress at a later date. No problem.

After producing a one to one rebuild of the site in WordPress, we set to creating the new features requested in the brief. Now that we have a fresh canvas for development we could also begin to apply progressive enchancement techniques to create excellent experiences to users without the full build process usually accompied by SPA frameworks, like React or Vue. So when tasked with creating a new "Find a Solicitor" page, we applied those techniques using Vue.js. A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building user interfaces on the web.

The Results

Mobile PageSpeed


Google's page speed ranking service. Score high, rank high.

Posts and Pages Migrated


The old CMS didn't have an easy export tool. We scripted the migration.

WordPress Plugins


Total plugins. That's including Yoast, ACF and a Caching plugin.