Cheshire Teak

"We're going to be launching a disruptive eCommerce brand selling Grade A Teak furniture". If you'd of asked us in 2019 what we knew about teak wood, the answer would've been "not a lot". Fast forward six months, and what we don't know about it isn't worth knowing. Cheshire Teak needed a partner who could translate their vision into a solid (pun intended) brand and eCommerce store.

The Brief

Delivered Services

The creative identity needed to both look and feel authentic. Using the shape, colours and tones of Grade A teak wood, the logo was matched with a Serif font, bringing out a traditional, yet fresh styling. The colourways were selected to match the natural element of offering, with coppers and light blues forming part of the palette.

From a web design perspective, we mapped multiple user journeys, each one focusing on a three-click to checkout objective. Wireframes gave the client a deeper understanding of the process before we built the user interface. White space also played an integral part of the design, helping to focus on the furniture and calls to action.

The build was entirely from scratch with no themes, including a bespoke engraving tool for their benches. With vigorous testing ready for launch, the site went live in June 2020, ready to take on the market. Coupled with a PPC campaign, the first three weeks of launch saw orders come in from across the country, with stock selling out (a problem that the team didn't expect).

With big plans for the rest of 2020, the team at Cheshire Teak Company have hit the ground running with their new site.