Given the nature of Code and Create and our business, the Company does not rely upon a wide range of suppliers and none of the suppliers we use are critical to the provision of services to our customers.

Our annual turnover does not exceed £36 million and as such, Code and Create are not obliged to prepare a statement in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”). However, we are committed to the protection of human rights and protecting against traces of slavery in our supply chain.

We have reviewed our list of suppliers and verify that those suppliers that are obliged to prepare and publish a statement under the Act have done so, and that they have confirmed that appropriate measures are being taken to monitor and manage the risk of slavery in their own supply chains.

We have also considered those suppliers who do not fall under the scope of the Act and, given that they are UK based, Code and Create has concluded that they do not present a material risk of introducing modern slavery into supply chains. We will continue to monitor and assess potential risk areas in our supply chains on an ongoing basis.